October 20, 2023 – Today, Solardo hits down on Armada Music with their highly-anticipated remix of Something Good’s ‘Before Dawn’ (feat. Sansa). A set staple throughout the summer, from Parklife to Creamfields South to Tomorrowland, the UK heavyweights add their distinctive flair to Yotto and Karolus’s dance floor starter, released earlier this year under their Something Good alias. 

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Stream Something Good feat. Sansa – Before Dawn (Solardo Remix) 

Stream Something Good feat. Sansa - Before Dawn

“We have always been fans of Yotto and his productions. When he asked us to remix Before Dawn from his Something Good moniker, we knew we could do something special with the piano breakdown. This remix has given us a real moment in our festival sets this summer and now we are excited to finally see this one released,” says Solardo.  

The second record from Something Good following their 2022 hit ‘Rhythm (Of The Night)’, ‘Before Dawn’ (feat. Sansa) was one of Yotto and Karolus’ earliest studio outputs, resurrected this year to reflect their sonic journey and production prowess. With a fresh take that jumps on the infectious melody and vocal allure of the original record, Solardo proves that everything they touch turns to gold.  

About Solardo 

Refusing to be pigeonholed into any one dance genre, the UK’s Solardo has long proven their ability as musical chameleons, resulting in a growing discography that's as impressively varied as it is seamless. From huge techno chart-topper “Riser” to outdoor anthem "I Can't Wait" alongside Tiësto and Poppy Baskcomb or 2019's revision of Marshall Jefferson's timeless "Move Your Body," it's clear that Solardo can simply do no wrong. From playing for epic crowds at festivals like Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival Miami, Creamfields, and Parklife to some of the world’s biggest super clubs as well as some of the world’s most respected clubs, Solardo adapt to whichever crowd is put in front of them. 

James Eliot and Mark Richards cut their teeth on the underground of the Manchester club scene, and even years into their career they could still be found fraternizing with their fans at afterparties — a clear sign of their dedication and love for the club scene. From those early days playing local Manchester haunts to playing every major festival in the US and Europe, they have come an incredibly long way and continue to propel higher up the ranks of dance music. 

Their innovative sound has evolved from the popular tech house template to incorporate elements of techno, house, progressive, electro and trance in one heady blend, and now has become the dominant style in the bigger house clubs and festivals across the world— with over 200 million streams to their name, and their huge ‘XTC’ becoming one of the biggest tracks in Ibiza in its year of release. “We just make whatever we're making, but we just don't really categorize it” they explain. “We just make tunes, ideally, just for the dance floor and whatever it gets classified as, is what it is. We don't go out and start thinking — oh, we're going to go techno— because we just evolved our sound massively from when we first released music to now. And it will continue to keep on evolving and we'll just keep on doing what we're doing and whatever that might be, where it gets classified as whatever. As long as all the clubs and the festivals are loving it, we're more than happy.” 

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About Something Good  

Neon lights, disco sounds, mustaches, ‘70s muscle cars, unflattering tank tops… these things are something good. Nights out, your favorite people, big speakers… these things are also something good. Go do what makes you happy and do it with confidence. Started over a dozen years ago as the lovechild of two young Finns, born from bravado bordering on obliviousness, Something Good provides the music you need for the best of times. Stop caring so much; listen to what you want. 

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Armada Music is the biggest independent dance music label in the world. Founded by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron (CEO) and David Lewis, the label manages an ever-growing catalog of over 40,000 tracks, built up across twenty-plus years of specialized dance music exploitation.

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Across offices in Amsterdam (HQ), New York, London and Laren (NL), Armada Music offers a truly global appeal to its growing roster. The label has its own club, radio studio and multiple production studios, and hosts various live formats. Producer platform Armada University, which offers educational products and opportunities, shows the label’s sustained effort to nurture the next wave of talent.

In 2023, Armada Music launched BEAT Music Fund, the world’s first dance music investment company, that acquires catalogs with the mission of honoring, representing and reinvigorating them. BEAT’s portfolio will continue to grow; in the first six months following its launch, BEAT acquired the catalogs of, among others, electronic music star ARTY, house and techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records, legendary NYC-based house label King Street Sounds and chart-topping producers Chocolate Puma.

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