August 18, 2023 - If you are your thoughts, who is listening? LA-based house duo Autograf explores this question in their highly anticipated sophomore artist album ‘Affirmations’, releasing today on Armada Music. Aptly named, the project delves into themes of mindfulness, meditation and self-affirmation, a truly transformative practice in Autograf’s lives – one that has helped them achieve their highest selves, and hopefully inspires listeners to do the same. 

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The opening track sets the tone of the album, encouraging listeners to ‘Runaway’ from limiting their beliefs and imagine a “new you”, one more powerful than ever imagined. "Like most people, we struggle with our own doubts and insecurities. We all live life with a bit of imposter syndrome: ‘I’m not a real musician, I’m not an artist’,” Autograf says. “Along the way, we’ve come to realize that we needed to change the story in our minds to become who we aspire to be, which led us to this album. ‘I am confident, I am creative, I am an amazing artist.’ Daily affirmations changed our entire outlook on our craft and ourselves, and we found that once we believed in the power of affirmations, we started to become those things.” 

From deeper, club-centric tracks such as ‘Vertigo’ and ‘La Petite Mort’ to the pop-leaning ‘Love Runs Deep’ and ‘Lie’, ‘Affirmations’ showcases the pair’s ambition to explore contemporary house sub-genres while staying true to their signature sound. The thirteen-track album ventures down multiple sonic avenues to form a cohesive body of work that mirrors the endless possibilities symbolized by the album’s title. 

The ’Affirmations’ tour is currently underway, encouraging fans nationwide to set their affirmations and change the story in their mind for the better. Stopping at iconic venues and music festivals such as Head in the Clouds Los Angeles, and ending the run in their hometown of Chicago, you can catch Autograf live at the few remaining stops (listed below).  

"We never thought we’d be traveling the world, playing the festivals we’ve played, and have millions of listeners,Autograf concludes. “But here we are, and we’re so grateful. So set your affirmations and dare to dream big.”  

Affirmations is available to buy and stream from August 18, 2023.


1. Autograf - Runaway 

2. Autograf x Malou x Burko - Vertigo 

3. Autograf - Like This 

4. Autograf x Sian x Burko - La Petite Mort 

5. Autograf & Burko - Voodoo 

6. Autograf x Dan Soleil - Deep Down 

7. Autograf feat. Tiina - Love Runs Deep 

8. Autograf x your friend polly - Lie 

9. Autograf x Dan Soleil - Inner Light 

10. Autograf x Johanson - Over the Sea 

11. Autograf feat. Tiina - High On That New Love 

12. Autograf & Mougleta - In Your Eyes 

13. Autograf & Blonde Maze - Revolves Around You 

Affirmations Tour Dates 

August 19 – Club Vinyl – Denver, CO  

August 24 – INVY Nightclub – Indianapolis, IN 

August 26 – Summit – Austin, TX  

September 1 – Bauhaus – Houston, TX  

September 23 – Aura Kansas City Nightclub – Kansas City, MO 

September 30 – Smoke & Mirrors – Chicago, IL  

October 7 – Bloom Nightclub – San Diego, CA 

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